SchoRes conferences provide excellent opportunity to the researchers for knowledge sharing, skill enhancement, socializing, networking and recreation. We are committed to offer high quality research conferences at the best Asian destinations on some of the most affordable rates in the world. Our great discounts, offers and unique rebates are guaranteed to make researchers feel special like never before. Here is a summary of different registration packages.

Author Registration Fee*

Student Author Registration**

PKR 1,000

Professional Author Registration

PKR 2,000


Non-Author Participant Registration Fee*

Student Participant Registration

PKR 1,500

Professional Participant Registration

PKR 2,000



Additional Page Surcharge

PKR 1000 Per Page


* Registration includes admission to all oral presentation sessions, souvenirs, coffee breaks, lunches, and conference proceedings. Please note that the coffee breaks and lunches are only covered during your conference times. For further information, please contact us on 

** Only applies if the first author is a student.