Education stands as the bedrock for nurturing indispensable human capital, essential for propelling sustainable development. By ensuring universal access to top-tier education, we empower individuals and communities alike with the requisite skills and knowledge to drive societal progress.

In this vein, an upcoming international conference is poised to delve deep into the urgent matters of equity, accessibility, and inclusivity in education, particularly in 21st-century Pakistan. With a steadfast commitment to aligning with sustainable development goals, this conference serves as a pivotal virtual platform for researchers, educators, policymakers, and stakeholders to exchange insights, showcase research findings, and highlight best practices.

By leveraging a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives and experiences, our conference endeavors to cultivate meaningful dialogues and foster collaborations that will catalyze positive shifts in educational policies and practices throughout Pakistan.

Important Dates*


Extended Paper Submission Deadline



10 May 2024

Acceptance Notification

15 May 2024

Registration Start

16 May 2024

Registration Deadline

10 July 2024

Conference Dates

2-4 August 2024

*Midnight PST

Institute of Education and Research,

University of Peshawar

Monthly Ilmiat Lahore