In today's transformative age, there is an increasing demand for swift and precise action. Tourism in Pakistan, specifically in regions like Gilgit-Baltistan, Swat-Kalam, Lahore-Archaeology, Karachi-Gwadar, Cholistan-Cold Desert, and Religious-Diversity, has emerged as a crucial industry in the contemporary era. It has the potential to generate significant financial growth and prosperity, even surpassing that of popular European tourist destinations.

We invite researchers and experts to submit papers focusing on projects that explore how women in Pakistan can actively participate in the tourism sector. These papers should address the areas in which women can contribute and the necessary support systems they require, such as counseling, financial aid, and technical assistance. Empowering women in this field will contribute to the sustainable development of Pakistan.

Our conference, scheduled for September 2023, will bring together esteemed individuals from various sectors including government ministers, secretaries, representatives from Chambers of Commerce, national and international universities, local grassroots project leaders, caretakers of religious sites, and influential social media bloggers. Their collective insights and expertise will contribute to fruitful discussions and collaborations on advancing tourism in Pakistan.

Patron in Chief:


vice-chancellor: Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.


Vice-chancellor: Karakoram International University, Gilgit.

Keynote Speakers

The following distinguished Keynote speakers have been invited at the conference.

Dr. Alexander Wang

Director of the Center for China's Overseas Interests,

Shanghai International Studies University, China

 Prof. Dr. Chang-Qing Ke

School of Geography, Nanjing Universitya

Prof. Dr. Liang Yan

Director, IMS, CUC, Beijing. China 


Mr. Nayab Bukhari,

Director, LMS, Sydney, Australia 


Conference Joint Secretary:

Dr. Nazia Zaman

Conference Secretary:

Dr Faqeer Muhammad, Director CSC 

Focal Person for HEC/Convener/Editor :

Important Dates*


Abstract Submission Deadline

30 June 2023

Abstract Acceptance Notification

15 July 2023

Full Paper submission Deadline

30 July 2023

Issuance of Final List of Presenters

15 August 2023

Program of Sessions Submission Last Date

20 August 2023

*Midnight PST