SchoRes International Conference on Healthcare Management (SchoRes ICHM 2023) is aimed at fostering the development and enhancement of ideas including discussion on new findings in the field.Delivering the high standards of healthcare has become the main objective for the healthcare providers. 

SchoRes ICHM provides a forum for publication of qualitative and quantitative research on the key issues affecting health management practice and applied research. The conference adopts an interdisciplinary approach and covers variety of topics such as productivity and operation analysis, strategic management, managed healthcare, health policy, hospital management, and other related areas.

We encourage students, academics, researchers, scientists, healthcare administrators, practitioners, and health economists to submit their research papers to SchoRes ICHM on all pertinent topics in healthcare management including but not limited to the following;

  • Patient-Driven Innovations in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Analytics and Future reforms
  • Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
  • Health Facilities Management
  • Health Data Management
  • Cost-effective and efficient delivery of services
  • Healthcare Systems Development and Reforms
  • Healthcare Related Behaviors and Compliance
  • Clinical Health Care Practices
  • Social Work and Social Services
  • Improving Quality of Care Across a Population of Patients
  • Healthcare Delivery in Developing Countries or in response to Disasters
  • Global Health
  • Use of Technology in Healthcare Delivery (Telemedicine, wearables, health applications, IT)
  • Health Care Supply Chains
  • Drug Development and Innovation, Medical Trials
  • Healthcare Providers (Training, Decision-making, Efficiency, etc.)